The Old King

by Škan

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    Track Listing:

    •Immortal Tyrant
    •Beyond Thrones
    •The Eye

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© ℗ 2013 Wolves of Škan

•Recording Artist;

Joseph Merino: All vocals, and rhythm guitars. Lead guitars on, "Immortal Tyrant" (second lead), and "The Eye".

Daniel Alvarez: Bass on all recordings.

and special guest;

Jason Frankhouser (Course of Ruin): Lead guitar on, "Beyond Thrones", and first lead on, "Immortal Tyrant".

•Produced by;

Gregory Tomao with Škan, at The Tomato Farm Studio.

•Artwork; "The Old King", by Sylvain Lucchina

•The Wolves of Škan are;

Joseph Merino: Guitars/Vocals
Dan Alvarez: Bass/Vocals (Backing)
David Baxter: Drums/Percussions


Greg Tomao: Re-amping, mixing, mastering, and production.
Eriko Higuchi: Logo, EP layout.

•Recorded at;

Sapa Studio: Austin, Texas.
The Tomato Farm Studio: Long Island, New York.
Killer Tone Studio: Dripping Springs, Texas.

•Škan proudly works with the following;

•Škan expresses gratitude to;

Greg Tomao, Jason Frankhouser, Mike Fortin, Craig Costigan & Seymour Duncan Pickups, Laura Miller, Marcos Delgado, Sylvain Lucchina, Ryan Kasparian, Ritchie Koning, Ralph Carbone, Joshua Holley, Eriko Higuchi, Barrett A. Mason, Aaron Chadwick, William & Amy Ables, Tammy Moore, Jeanne "Jet" Thomas, Steff Effen, Eric Beggs, Steven Jay Harry, David Coloma & Headcrusher, Noel Stevenson, Michael Garcia, and Neil Zimmerman.


released 12 November 2013



all rights reserved


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Track Name: Immortal Tyrant
Give me heresy, give me infamy, all supremacy
Living on your knees, only I will seed , all that you believe
Drowning in a sea, full of misery, for the end you'll pray
Choking on your faith, only hell remains, burning in it's flames

This disease consumes me, gnawing on my dreams
Listen to their screams whispering to me no one will believe

I want blood

Give me blasphemy, put me out of my misery
Shove the needle into the roots of my rotten heart please

Can you see I'm numb?
Spilling all the blood of the chosen one

Who could give a fuck, if I'm fucked up, and I want to fuck?

I want blood

Feed the sun with the blood, burn the soul
Ripped and torn, from it's love, like a whore

I want blood

(solo: Frankhouser)
(solo: Merino)

I want blood

Fill the womb with thy war, bathe in blood
Take everything, till there's none, wasted world

I want blood

No more seed left to sow, barren world
Cower to, all you fear, forsake your soul
Never was free, never will be, soon you'll see it's true
Don't like you, don't need you, I want to kill you
Track Name: Beyond Thrones
Thrown in the ocean of the abyss
Through the void awaken
Stare into the mouth of the blackest sun

Rise through the darkness
Traveling between worlds
Become, behold the fire of reason

A fallen star
From the ashes of ancients, and stone
From the depths, as shadows erode
To bring order, the fulcrum, the soul
Transcends beyond the illusion of thrones

(solo: Frankhouser)

Behold, Eyes of Silver
Evolve, Shedding skin
Discard, Lies deception
Become, Eternal
Dethrone, King's Illusion
Restore, Laws of Nature
Reborn, Ancient Lore
Ascend, Ascend beyond

On the mountain of perception
Piercing the veil
The sky tears open
Track Name: The Eye
Stare through it's reflection
Summon what is seldom seen
Inhale this divination, trepanation
Ingest the forgotten seed

(solo: Merino)

Suffer transformation
ascend, descend, illuminate
Crawl forth from the ashes,
embers of a lifeless dream
Standing inside the umbra
within the eye unseen

One hand holding heaven
One hand holding hell
Behead illusion
Shatter false reality
Bring forth illumination
Wisdom that is seldom seen
Unleash it's fire upon the world